Larry Vaincourt's writing has been published across Canada, the United States and around the world. He is best known for his moving poem JUST A COMMON SOLDIER (A Soldier Died Today), which has been reprinted thousands of times worldwide. It has been featured in Ann Landers column, broadcast annually on national radio and appears on thousands of web sites.

He published three volumes of prose and poetry, beginning with RHYMES AND REFLECTIONS. His second book, DON'T BURN THE BIFFY is available for purchase on this by clicking here.

In July 2004 he published JUST A COMMON SOLDIER and Other Poems, a collection built around his most popular poem, which is also available for purchase on this site by clicking here.

Born in upstate New York, Larry grew up as a farm boy in the rural setting of Covey Hill, Quebec, where he lived until he joined the Air Force in World War II as a Leading Aircraftsman. After serving as an aircraft mechanic and part-time entertainer, he returned to Quebec in 1946. A varied career saw him working as a logger, news photographer (ABC News Pictures), civil servant and metallurgical photographer (Rolls Royce).

In 1963 Larry opened his own photo studio which he operated until 1983. After selling the business, Larry embarked upon his writing career first as a regular columnist for THE LACHUTE WATCHMAN.

Larry's prose and poetry were carried for over 20 years as a regular feature in the monthly journal DIALOGUE. For many years his poetry also appeared on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) program FRESH AIR.

He and his wife Doreen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 1st, 2001.

Larry received the 2004 Column of the Year Award from the Quebec Newspaper Association.

Larry passed away on April 20th, 2009, surrounded by his family. His son Randy now handles all business matters on behalf of his father.

Larry final book, HARPER'S HILL, is set to be published in 2010.