by A. Lawrence Vaincourt

We are told when we are children that lying is uncouth
And we always should be truthful, if we can
But you're sure to get in trouble if you try to tell the truth
Because no one really trusts an honest man

The guy that people seem to trust is not the truthful man
But a fellow who will stare into your eyes
With a look of great sincerity and firmly clasp your hand
While he tells to you the most outrageous lies

Now it is my firm opinion that a man should never lie
I suppose I'm just a victim of my youth
But I can't stay out of trouble, however hard I try
Because no one ever wants to hear the truth

My girl asked me if I loved her for her body or her mind
I was truthful as I'd always been before
When I said her father's money, her reaction was unkind
She slapped my face and pushed me out the door

When looking for a job, never say you've just been fired
It really is much safer if you lie
If you say you ran the company you'll probably get hired
And your boss will brag that you're an honest guy

My aunt asked my opinion of a hat that she had bought
And I swear I didn't mean to give offense
When I told her it reminded me of grandma's chamber pot
But my auntie hasn't spoken to me since

We know that politicians get along so well in life
'Cause they tell the people what they want to hear
Though they never keep their promises, they still stay out of strife
And we suckers re-elect them, year by year

So this little bit of wisdom I would like to pass along
And I grieve I didn't learn it in my youth
If you want the world to love you and to really get along
For goodness sake, don't ever tell the truth

© 1989 A. Lawrence Vaincourt

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