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"A global iconic tribute to common soldiers all over the world."
- Montreal Gazette

"You certainly know how to write a heart-warmer!" - Ann Landers

"He can write like an angel and kick like a mule.  In prose or verse, Larry proves time and again that he's one of a kind.  He's a breath of fresh air."
- Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

"His poems dance along with only one purpose - to amuse the reader.  The gently honest humor of Larry Vaincourt."
- The Watchman

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The latest collection,
and Other Poems,
is now available.

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Larry Vaincourt is best known for his
internationally-acclaimed poem,

JUST A COMMON SOLDIER (A Soldier Died Today)

Discover more about the author, including stories and poems from his books and newspaper column.

Larry's books, poems and products are available HERE.

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All material is copyright A. Lawrence Vaincourt.

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Toronto Star
Remembrance Day 2014 article HERE

Montreal Gazette
Remembrance Day 2012 article HERE

• Listen to Larry's Memorial Day 2006 radio interview HERE.

• Larry's books are now a musical stage production! 
Watch video clips from the musical BORN LUCKY

• Recitation of the poem by MICHAEL R. DUDLEY, HERE. 
(Live announcer for Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and inaugural events for Presidents Carter, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush.